Awards categories are open to all corporate and Public Procurement & Supply functions of any size of team or business across Africa.

Although the award entries are recommended, companies may enter submissions for as many categories as they desire as long as the entries are truly unique and relevant to the category they are entering for.

This award recognises the private sector organisation that has displayed excellence and/ or innovation in procurement over the past 24 months and can demonstrate the results achieved.

The Public Sector Supply Chain Excellence Award

This award recognizes individual working in public sector supply chains, be it procurement, sourcing or distribution. It will recognise techniques, projects or processes; and where supply chains have improved public services.

The Supply Chain Innovation Award

This award recognizes projects that demonstrate how an organisation is driving change by the adoption of new, innovative supply chain practices.

Procurement & Supply Chain Team of the Year( Gold, Silver Bronze)
This category rewards procurement teams who have made significant improvements to their performance and culture resulting in increased effectiveness, influence, efficiencies, savings or competitive advantage.

Procurement & Supply Chain Leader

This award recognizes the most prominent leader who is significantly driving the procurement and supply chain strategy forward and creating a positive and meaningful impact on the industry and its people.

Excellence in Procurement&Supply chain: Logistics & Transportation

This award rewards the most influential leader who has been meticulously pushing the logistics and transportation sector ahead and yielding positive results for the industry and its people.

Young Achiever in Procurement & Supply Chain

This award is open to a young and dynamic professional from the procurement and supply chain industry who has demonstrated a strong perspective and high potential for the future success of the industry.

Rising Star

This award is for young people starting their careers in supply chain and logistics who demonstrate enthusiasm, talent and the promise of great things to come. Candidates can come from all levels within the organisation from apprentices upwards.

Woman Leader in Procurement & Supply Chain

This award honours the most powerful woman leader from the world of procurement and supply chain for her outstanding abilities in taking the profession and the people of her organization forward. 

Inspirational Procurement & Supply Chain Leadership

The award honours the exemplary contribution of an inspirational leadership organization from procurement and supply chain for achieving phenomenal results and preserving the industry’s integrity. 

Innovation in Procurement & Supply Chain Practice

This award rewards the fresh perspectives and efforts of an organization/team for its brilliant implementation of productive dimensions through technological innovation AI (Artificial Intelligence) / Blockchain / RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to procurement and supply chain practices. 

Leader in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

This award honours the efforts of an organization/team that has made significant strides in streamlining principles of sustainability within their supply chain practices and created environment awareness.

Sourcing & Procurement initiatives of the (COVID) Year (Gold Silver & Bronze)

Recognising initiatives that have resulted in competitive advantage through innovative sourcing.This category rewards innovative sourcing or multi-shoring projects that deliver competitive advantage and exploit market opportunities whilst mitigating supply chain risks.

Most Innovative Use of Technology in Procurement
This category is open to procurement or supply chain teams showcasing successful technology projects that have made significant business impact. Technology providers may also enter case study-led projects where they have worked in partnership with the procurement organisation.

Supporting Supply Chain in Times of Crisis

This award honours the commendable efforts of an organization/team that displayed strong and visible support to the supply chain industry through meaningful practices even during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.



We will be looking for a clear plan and evidence that is delivering on core objectives, paying particular attention to the criteria listed below;

Background: Please provide a brief background of the organisation, including when the company was established, number of employees, turnover, key team members and their roles as well as any relevant industry achievements.

Innovation: Innovations that demonstrates excellence in the efficiency of a supply & procurement chain operation.

Leadership: Procurement leader who is pushing procurement and supply strategy forward and making a positive contribution.

Key Projects & Initiatives: Please provide a brief description of significant projects or initiatives relating to the procurement function over the past 24 months and why you think they were exceptional.

Commitment: Demonstrate commitment to his/her organization and the nations development.

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